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With passion, for fans!



We tailor the perfect concert with your team, in France and in the rest of Europe. At HXL & Events, we think both the artists and the fans deserve the concert of their dreams. Come and experience the amazing European audience!


We know how tiring it is to meet hundred of fans after performing. Our fanmeetings are the opposite: a fun moment before the concert, and with a small group of fans. An unforgettable experience for both the artists and the fans according to our reviews!


We take care of the transportation to Europe, but we also provide the artists and the staff with a bus and their own chauffeur during the whole trip. We get you moving!

At XHL & Events, we want the artists to live the full experience: visits, restaurants, pictures in the hottest spots of the region... It is not just a concert: it is a trip to Europe. We make sure it is unforgettable!


We know how important it is to have quality content to share with the fans around the world. We have a team taking pictures and videos of the artists to record these special moments!


We pick the best medias for you to have the perfect coverage in Europe. And to make it easier for the artists, we provide translators too. Europe is eager to get to know them more!